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Gospel Meditation

In God Alone


Isaiah speaks to us today of Cyrus, King of Persia, anointed by the Lord. God calls Cyrus by name and leads him in service to the Israelites. In this passage we hear that it is the Lord who gives Cyrus his title, who arms him against his enemies, and who opens doors and unbars gates before him. And God does all of this so that the people will know that “I am the Lඈඋൽ,” and that “there is none besides me” (Isaiah 45:6). Paul opens his letter with essentially the same notion—that in God alone we find our grace and peace. Paul also gives thanks to God on our behalf, calling to mind our work of faith, hope, and love. And in the familiar Gospel reading, Jesus tells the Pharisees to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.


Events & Announcements

ATTN: Winter Visitors

Pick up envelopes in parish office.

They WILL NOT be put out in the church.

Door Hangers for Sale

St. Benedict Door Hangers are available in the Parish Office for sale.

Help Feed the Needy

The Help for the Needy pantry is currently in need of jelly, pasta sauce, canned fruit, syrup, soap, deodorant, baby wipes and shampoo.


Help For the Needy: Holiday Food Drive

We are starting to collect food for the Thanksgiving Food Boxes that the needy in our community apply for the holiday.

You may place your donations inside the bins at the East and West exits or the parish office.


South Dakota Priests Seeking Housing

A group of 4 South Dakota priests, friends of Fr. Rodney, hope to visit the area Jan 11-19, and would love a place to stay.

If you have a house available for their use, please contact: Father Terry Anderson at 605-651-1113.

St. Joseph Sunday Missals

ON SALE NOW! 2021 St. Joseph Sunday Missals (Nov 29, 2020—Nov 21, 2021)

Available in Parish Office for $7.00 (cash or check to Our Lady of the Desert Guild).

All Souls Novena

Add Sun, Nov 1

Novena begins on Mon, Nov 1.

Envelopes are placed at the brochure racks and at the exits if you wish to add someone’s name to the Novena.