Infant Baptism

Baptism classes & Baptisms are in ENGLISH only, and are held in January, March, May, July, September & November. Please call the Parish Office at 480-982-2929 to register for the class.

Baptisms are only done on the last Sunday of the month, and are not done in the months of April or December.

Baptism Guidelines for Parents for children under 7 years of age

  1. Parents must be registered with the parish for at least 3 months and be active and contributing members of the church community in good standing.
  2. Must take the Baptism class (class is good for 2 years) at St. George. (NO ONLINE classes will be accepted)
    • Must preregister for the class by calling St. George 480‐982‐2929
    • Must present copy of Birth Certificate prior to attending class (must either send copy via email ( or bring to parish office)
    • NO baptism will be scheduled until ALL paperwork is complete and Birth Certificate has been received.

Baptism Guidelines for Godparents

  1. Must be Catholic & confirmed
  2. Must be over 16 years of age
  3. Must attend the Baptism Class either with the parents at St. George or in their parish. If attending at their parish, a copy of completion must be received prior to the baptism. (NO ONLINE classes will be accepted)
    • Must pre‐register for the class by calling St. George 480‐982‐2929
  4. Godparents requiring class certification for Baptisms out of the area:
    • Classes are open to St. George parishioners and those who reside in the Diocese of Tucson.